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Environmental Engineering - The Profession

The Environmental Engineer profession has matured over the years. The requirements of the program of studies provide the engineer with a thorough knowledge, necessary in order to assume leading positions in the private and public sectors as well as to cooperate with other engineers and scientists.

The main activities of the Environmental Engineer are: the design and implementation of programs for the protection, development and general management of the Environment, the preparation or management of projects regarding natural or man-made environmental systems, as well as the study of the environmental impacts of technical works or other activities based on the legislation in force.

Employment opportunities for Environmental Engineers can be found in the public and private sector, either as individual freelancers or in cooperation with engineers in other disciplines, as well as in educational institutions teaching courses in environmental subjects.

In today’s world characterized by an everlasting desire for technological progress, the skills and expertise of the Environmental Engineers will always be in high demand in Greece and worldwide.



The Hellenic Association of Environmental Engineers

The Association was established by decision No.787/04-02-2003 of the Athens Court of First Instance with registration number 24493, as a scientific Association, collective body of the Greek Environmental Engineers, under the name: Hellenic Association of Environmental Engineering (PA.S.D.MH.P.), based in Athens with nationwide organization.

Aims of the Association as indicated in Article 2 of the statute are:

  • To promote in every scientific way the view that the "Environment" cannot be seen as another specialised engineering skill, but requires a completely different approach, different starting points for reflection, fully addressing in a systematic and multidisciplinary way the issue of constitutionally protected Sustainable Development where other engineering disciplines are involved in a specific, predetermined role to the extent deemed necessary
  • To advance, protect and promote the science of Environmental Engineering related to the management and protection of the natural and man-made environment.
  • To contribute substantially to strengthening and raising the sense of social solidarity and responsibility towards the environment and to developing methods and techniques for the protection of the environment, the improvement of the quality of life and the protection of public health.
  • To improve working conditions for Environmental Engineers, protect the reputation of the profession, promote its social role and safeguard professional rights and activities.
  • To promote all forms of cooperation among its members for the advancement of the science of Environmental Engineering towards Sustainable Development.
  • To contribute to the design and implementation of any kind of national techno-economic development programs.



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