E. Gidarakos

2 Top Articles according to BioMedLibTM Journal

The papers:

  • “Determination of heavy metals and halogens in plastics from electric and electronic waste”  E. Dimitrakakis, A. Janz, B. Bilitewski, E. Gidarakos Waste Management (Vol. 29, Is. 10, pp. 2700-2706)
  • “Small WEEE: determining recyclables and hazardous substances in plastics” Dimitrakakis E., Janz A., Bilitewski B., Gidarakos E. Journal of Hazardous Materials (Vol. 161, Is. 203, pp. 913-919)

that were published in 2009 are among the top 10 papers in their domain, according to BioMedLib™ journal “Who Is Publishing In My Domain?”.



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