Administration and Coordination of the PSP

The administrative structure of the PSP complies with the current Greek legislation and the Statute of the Technical University of Crete. The PSP is coordinated by the School’s General Assembly (GA), the Dean, the Director of Postgraduate Studies and the Postgraduate Studies Steering Committee.


General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is composed of all School faculty members and of two (2) postgraduate students representatives.

The GA is the ultimate decision maker for all issues concerning postgraduate studies. The assembly is responsible for appointing the three members of the Advisory Committee for MSc and PhD students, as well as the seven members of the Examination Committee for PhD candidates, awarding the MSc and PhD titles, and all other matters provided for by current legislation.



Professor Mihalis Lazaridis is the Dean of the Environmental Engineering School. Professor George Karatzas serves as Deputy Dean.


Director of Postgraduate Studies

Professor Elia Psillakis is the Director of Postgraduate Studies and chairs the PSP Steering Committee.


Steering Committee of the Postgraduate Studies Program

Professor Evan Diamadopoulos, Professor Constantinos Chrysikopoulos and one (1) postgraduate students representative are the members of the Steering Committee.


Postgraduate Studies Coordinators

A coordinator of studies has been appointed for each postgraduate studies specialization area:

  • Specialization area 1 - Water Resources and Climate Change (WRC): Professor C. Chrysikopoulos
  • Specialization area 2 - Water and Waste Treatment (WWT): Professor Ε. Diamadopoulos
  • Specialization area 3 - Environmental Management, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change (SEC): Professor T. Tsoutsos


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